Forum Rules

Hello and welcome to Coscom's Community Forum!

Please note that Coscom does not handle any monetary transactions through the forum, this is a place to advertise only. This forum is designed to be constructive and supportive, so if you see any users making any inappropriate or destructive comments please report them to us. As this forum is community driven we are not liable for any content that is posted as such we must insist that only 18+ members use the forum. If you see any content you believe to be inappropriate, please report them using the email


The forum is divided into 4 categories that can be found on the left hand toolbar. 

The Categories are: 

Vendor Hall - This forum is for people selling physical objects such as statues, props, decorations ect. 

The Artist Alley - This forum is for people selling prints, tapestries, basically anything 2D

Patterns and Downloads - This forum is for any digital files such as fabric or foam patterns, 3d print files, embroidery files, ect. 

Artist for Commission - This forum is for advertising any individual commission pieces 


When creating ADVERTISING POSTS please include, your products name, what the item is from (ex Headband from Naruto), an image of the product, and a link to your online store or page if you have one.