Wonderflex-PRO® is here!! After a great deal of experimentation and development, this new to the market material is perfect for making complex shapes and details for your armor and props.

It is extremely smooth on both sides and, when heated with a heat gun or hot water, it can be shaped by hand or pressed into silicone molds for super finely detailed accents.

You can re-heat and reshape it as many times as you like. Once it cools down, it hardens and retains its shape. Wonderflex-PRO® can be primed for painting (but does not have to be) and the paint goes on smoothly. Its ultra-smooth surface is great for bright metallic finishes. Wonderflex-PRO® sticks to itself and to other thermoplastics such as regular Wonderflex®, Worbla®, Thibra® and Cosplayflex®.

And we are not done yet! We know that thermoplastics for this kind of application can be really expensive. By working with manufacturing and purchasing in bulk, we are delighted to bring this amazing material to you at lower prices than most other similar materials on the market.