Barge All Purpose TF Cement (Toluene Free) Cement 32oz

Coscom Cosplay Supplies

SKU: MO-106

Barge cement is the go to glue for cosplayers. It is a cement that goes on smoothly, dries quickly and has a strong bond. Its great for bonding EVA foam and other materials. It also has a neat application brush built right into the lid. This Toluene free version of Barge cement contains no Toluene so it can be shipped to residents in California. If you do not live in California, you may also want to consider Barge All Purpose Cement (Click Here To View).

Barge cement is for use with Barge Thinner which is sold separately. (Click Here To View). Please note that this product is highly flammable , so handle with care, store safely and keep away from children.

This product can only be shipped using ground shipment.