Dragon's Fire Led's - Programed Light Sequences- Basic Kit
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Dragon's Fire Led's - Programed Light Sequences- Basic Kit

Welcome to Coscom’s selection of Dragons Fire Lighting Effects.

Adding animated leds and lighting effects can be a great way to level up your cosplays, but learning the process of wiring and programing can be a little daunting. Thats why we have designed these Lighting Kits to be easy to wear, small, lightweight and simple to use. The  open design is perfect for alterations and adding switches, adjusting component positions and so much more! Depending on the sequence, the led strips will run for 1-3 hours of constant use before needing new batteries. Simple in design but great for making your cosplay look stunning! 

To view footage of each program and sequence, please view the video on tab 2.


We have two light kits available.

Basic kit– for those who want to just switch on and go! The basic kit comes with one pre-installed lighting program. The program cannot be adjusted with the basic kit, However the light strips can still be cut to the desired sizes. Please be aware, some programs like comet, Dragons Fire, nightrider, Clashing lights, and Fireball will function, but will not recognize a change in the length of the strip without an adjustment of the code 

To purchase the basic kit Click Here

Advanced Kit– for those who want to be able to alter the programs, sequences, colors, or strip length, sequence speeds, for any of the  programs on our website. The advanced kit comes with one complimentary program of your choice already installed. Additional codes can be purchased for 4$ each. A guide for altering specific program aspects can be found on tab 3. 

To power the micro chip you will need a usb power bank that is not included with the kit.

To purchase the advanced kit Click Here 

Each kit consists of a battery box for holding three AA batteries (only 67mm x 47mm x 18mm - batteries not included ), a small controller box a controller box (27mm x 48mm x 13mm) an easy to find and press ON/OFF toggle switch (so you can turn your LED lights on and off easily even if you are wearing gloves), a micro USB port (only for our Advanced Kit) and a 6 FT LED lighting strip that you can wrap around, weave through or even integrate into your cosplay. Your only limitation is your imagination!!