Eva 38 Clearance Foam (-Discounted Prices on Irregular or Imperfect sheets of EVA Foam)

Coscom Cosplay Supplies


As we process a large volume of EVA foam we collect a lot of off cuts from standard sized pieces of EVA, or foam that was manufactured with imperfections that did not pass the quality control checks that we use when selling our Grade A EVA 38 foam sheets. I (ChaosCosplays) actually use a lot of these to make my own costumes and armor pieces, but as our store grows, they are now accumulating faster than I can use them. However, I want to avoid creating as much unnecessary waste as possible and I'm sure these irregular sizes/ imperfect foam are as useful to others as they are to me. 

(Please Note) This is not an item that we regularly "Stock." Therefore we may find that we have runout of the requested Item/ thickness we will substitute the next nearest available size or contact you to change or cancel your order. 

Foam scraps are only available for shipment to customers in the continental United States 


Clearance Foam is divided into thickness and Size.

The Sizes Are: 

Small (Between 5"-8")

Medium (Between 5"-16")

Large (Between 5"- 23+")


The Thicknesses Are 

4-6 mm 

and 8-10 mm