Laser- Cut EVA foam chainmail - lightweight faux chainmail for cosplay, LARP, and costuming (18"x14") available in pre-woven and kit form

Coscom Cosplay Supplies


PLEASE SPECIFY WITH YOUR ORDER!! If you are ordering multiple sheets please indicate if you would like them woven into one continuous sheet, or multiple separate sheets. By default, orders for multiple sheets will be woven together to make one continuous sheet.

EVA chainmail is a great lightweight, flexible, and quiet (no metal clunking noises) alternative to metal or plastic chainmail. Each sheet is cut by laser from 2mm EVA foam, cleaned, and woven by hand into strong, sturdy chainmail sheets measuring approx. 18” x 14” in orientation #1, or 9" x 28" in orientation #2 (see pricing options). Chainmail sheets can be joined using contact adhesive to the end of each chainmail thread to create longer sheets. Chainmail is also available in precut chainmail strips. Each strip is approx. 20” long and 1.25” wide. 15 strips can be woven to make a 9" x 28" sheet, or an 18" x 14" sheet.