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There are a lot of thermoplastics currently available for cosplay and crafting, and each of them have fairly unique properties. Trying to figure out which material is best for your project can be difficult and expensive if you choose the wrong one!

The Coscom thermoplastic starter pack includes four of the most popular thermoplastics available to let you experiment without busting your budget!

The Coscom thermoplastic starter kit consists of:
1 x sheet of Wonderflex (21.5” x 6.5”)
1 x sheet of Wonderflex Pro (21.5” x 6.5”)
1 x sheet of Thibra Fine (13” x 10.5”)
1 x piece of Fosshape 400 material (11” x 4.5”)
The price of the starter pack is just $16.00!!

For more details about each Material, please see our descriptions below:


Wonderflex is an established name in Cosplay and was one of the first thermoplastic materials to be made available for Cosplay applications. In that time, it has come a long way, from the enhancement of the original Wonderflex to the development of the new and exciting Wonderflex-PRO. Wonderflex is not only very strong but also remarkably lightweight. We’ve found that it is a great material for structural reinforcement on the inside of costumes and armor and for large, relatively flat planes such as male breastplates. We also found that we can increase its malleability further by removing the mesh, but that this does reduce its strength. When heated in a microwave oven, using a heat gun or simply hot water, Wonderflex can be molded and formed and easily painted. With a lower activation temperature than other similar thermoplastics it can be hand worked for longer before starting to harden. Just reheat if additional forming is required. It cuts with a utility knife or scissors and bonds well to other thermoplastics such as Wonderflex – PRO , Worbla , Thibra TEX and Cosplayflex .

Thibra Fine®:

Thibra Fine is an established product that is widely used by artists, theater designers, and cosplayers. It is easy to heat and shape using a heat gun and is particularly good for detailed work and for making organic or curved shapes. Its smooth surface removes the need for sanding and finishing. It can be primed, and painted as soon as it is cured. Thibra Fine is extremely malleable; even after cooling, you can still make adjustments to your finished piece by reheating and making corrections. When heated, It can also be pulled over molds, or sculpted like clay. It has an infinite shelf life, and all scraps can be stored and reused. When sculpting we recommend working on a non stick silicone mat, and using either silicone tipped tools, or periodically dipping the heads of your tools in cold water. When sculpting by hand Thibra may still be quite warm. Keep a bowl of cold water to dip your fingers into to to prevent it from from becoming too warm.

Wonderflex Pro®:

Wonderflex – PRO ® is here!! After a great deal of experimentation and development, this new to the market material is perfect for making complex shapes and details for your armor, props, complex curves and extreme shapes. It is extremely smooth on both sides and, when heated with a heat gun, or hot water it can be shaped by hand or pressed into silicone molds for super finely detailed accents. Wonderflex-Pro® is extremely malleable and, unlike Wonderflex® which is typically used for structural pieces, it works best for detail work as it is so easily pressed into molds. This allows for highly specific, repeatable shapes. It comes in sheets and can be cut with scissors, craft knife or utility knife. It is heat activated at 150°F and has a 2-3 minute working time and can be smoothed with water.  You can also re-heat and reshape it as many times as you like. Once it cools down, it hardens and retains its shape. Wonderflex–Pro® can be primed (but does not have to be) and the paint goes on smoothly. Its ultra-smooth service is great for bright metallic finishes.

Fosshape 400®:

Fosshape ® is a unique heat activated black material. It is used in Cosplay, theater, artistic displays and creations and even taxidermy! When exposed to heat using a heat gun, iron or steamer, this soft and pliable felt like fabric can be formed and shaped into gravity defying lightweight shapes that are perfect for all sorts of creative applications. It is easily cut with scissors, is mildew resistant, paintable and will not fray like conventional fabrics. Fosshape ® can be sewn to itself or other fabrics as a hidden stiffener, or it can be shaped into stand alone structures. What makes this material particularly useful in Cosplay and costuming is its incredible ability to regain its shape after being compressed. A hoopskirt of Fosshape ® or even a Fosshape mannequin could be squished into a suitcase and will pop back with almost no deforming!