About us

Hey guys 👋🏻 My name's Luke. I started getting into cosplay about ten years ago after watching Doctor Who! My sister was cosplaying Rose and she wanted me to make Rose's gun from the episode "The Stolen Earth". Since those early days, I have made dozens of of props and costumes, and finally started posting on my Instagram page @chaoscosplays  as a way to better interact and exchange ideas with other cosplayers. One of the topics that came up over and over again was how hard it was to get the right supplies, in stock, and not pay a fortune for them. Sound familiar? I figured that if I could develop a website that offers a wide range of supplies, with plenty of stock at very competitive prices, a store for low cost quality cosplay supplies, it would be a great chance to give back to the community for all the amazing support and help over the years. Well, twelve months and a ton of work later we bring you Coscom Cosplay Supplies, the store for low cost, quality supplies! Our aim is to make cosplay more accessible and to supply you with what you need, when you need it, at affordable prices! We are truly dedicated to serving the cosplay community and offering you the best possible experience we can - because cosplay is life as it should be!