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Flexi Filler® - by Flexi Paint®, is a fast-drying seam and gap filler for EVA Foam sheets, costumes, and props. Flexi Filler® is specifically engineered for filling large gaps while still being flexible and resistant to cracking, unlike foam clay. Easy to apply, this black filler provides a strong bond and quickly dries to a flexible finish that is easy to sand and smooth. Once dry, it can be primed, painted and finished in the same way as normal EVA Foam.  

How to use:

Fill seams or damaged section with Flexi Filler®. You can either use your finger or a spreader.

Wet your finger/ spreader with water and smooth out the filler in the seam/damaged area.

Let it dry fully for up to 1-2 days depending on size of area.

Wet sand for a smooth flexible finish!


Product is available in Black and is 3.5 oz 


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