Flexi Filler®

Flexi Filler® - by Flexi Paint, is a fast-drying seam and gap filler for EVA Foam sheets, costumes, and props. Flexi Filler is specifically engineered for filling large gaps while still being flexible resistant to cracking unlike foam clay. Easy to apply, this black filler provides a strong bond and quickly dries to a flexible finish that is easy to sand and smooth. Once dry, it can be primed, painted and finished in the same way as normal EVA Foam.  

How to use:

Fill the seams or damaged section with Flexi Filler. You can either use your finger or a spreader.

Wet your finger with water and smooth out the filler in the seam/damaged area.

Let it dry fully for up to 1-2 days depending on size of area.

Wet sand for a smooth flexible finish!


Product is available in 3.5 oz