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Coscom Is always looking for ways to interact with and support the cosplay community in whatever way we are able!


Sponsoring events: 

We are always open and willing to hear collaboration proposals for sponsoring/ donating materials for cosplay competitions, workshops, or similar community  events. If you would like to use Coscom Products at your upcoming event please (contact us) and tell us some more details, dates, and what you would be interested in receiving as a part of our collaboration. We do ask that you give us ample notice to be able to prepare any large shipments so we are able to get them to you in good time. While we would like to be able to sponsor all event inquires we receive, we do have a limit to how many we are able to sponsor at any given time. 

Sponsorship Partners:

As you may have seen on our home page or across our social medias, Coscom partners with some exceptional cosplayers and industry professionals to help promote our brand and spread awareness and positivity throughout the cosplay community. These sponsors are given access to any materials we carry free of charge, and are consulted about prototypes/ unreleased materials or products that we are developing to help guide the direction we take our store in the future. These sponsorships are extremely limited and highly desired, and we are only able to offer a few Partnerships at a time. If you are interested in applying you may (contact us). Please provide us your name and social media handles/ images of your work, and your name will be added to the list to be considered next time a space is available. 


Coscom is proud to offer affiliate/ personalized discount codes to many community members. How these codes work is that anyone using our store may use these codes will receive a discount on their purchase at checkout, an equivalent value to the discount off the order then goes back to the person whose code it is as a commission fee. To inquire about getting a unique affiliate code you can (contact us).