Coscom Grade A EVA Foam

EVA foam is the staple of every cosplayer. It is used to make armor and props and is available in different thicknesses and densities depending on your project and is a lot less expensive than thermoplastics. When selecting our EVA foam we wanted to make sure we chose a foam that is well suited to the special demands of cosplay. We narrowed down our search to ten manufacturers and put them through a series of thirty tests to see which performed the best. Tests included the quality of the foam, the surface smoothness, how easily the foam can be glued, how easily the surface can be carved, how well it heat seals and even how easily it reforms after being stuffed into a suitcase! The clear winner after three months of testing is our Coscom low density and high density Grade A foam and it beat the competition hands down on price and performance.


(Gluing Instructions) For the longest lasting glued seams we recommend using a contact adhesive such as Barge. Spread a thin coat on both faces of the foam you with to attach. Smooth over with a piece of scrap foam and allow to fully dry. This will seal the open cells and provide a strong anchor for the second coat. Apply a second coat to both sides of the seam and smooth with scrap foam, allow the glue 30 seconds to 1 min to set and become tacky. Work from one end of the seam to the other slowly pressing the edges together until you reach the end. Please note that there is a manufacturing tolerance against each sheet so there may be small variations from the thickness's stated.

(Click Here To View) our EVA 38 foam 

(Click Here To View) our EVA 60 foam.