Thibra® is a sculpt-able thermoplastic widely used by artists, theater designers, and cosplayers. When heated with a heat gun it behaves like a plastic "clay." It is particularly good for detailed mold work and for sculpting organic shapes. Its ultra smooth surface removes the need for sanding and finishing and it can be primed, and painted as soon as it is cured. Thibra® is extremely malleable, even after cooling you can still make adjustments to your finished piece by reheating and making corrections.

How to use:

When heated, Thibra® behaves almost like bubblegum or silly putty.

It is quite sticky and we recommend keeping a bowl of cold water to dip your fingers in before and while working with Thibra® to prevent finger prints.

It is best used in silicone molds and its high strength and durability makes it perfect for small molded details. Thibra's® fast cooling time makes it favorable over the long drying time of foam clay.

It has an infinite shelf life and all scraps can be stored, re-heated, and re-used.

When sculpting we recommend working on a non-stick silicone mat, and using either silicone tipped tools, or periodically dipping the heads of your tools in cold water.

When sculpting by hand the Thibra® may still be quite warm. Keep a bowl of cold water to dip your fingers into to prevent the Thibra® from becoming too warm.

Do not leave Thibra near heat sources or in direct sunlight during summer months or it may melt.