Wonderflex® is a well-established name in cosplay and was one of the first thermoplastic materials to be made available to the community. Its' unique properties still make it a favorite for cosplayers and costumers today! 

Wonderflex-Pro® does not contain the scrim-reinforcement of Wonderflex®, allowing it to be more malleable and mold to more intricate shapes. It has an extremely smooth surface that can be easily primed/painted with minimal prep. It has superior strength and flexibility while being comparatively lightweight. We find that it is best when pressed into silicone molds as it will cool quickly, remain durable, and capture high quality details. 

Because it’s so tough and can be molded into any shape or thickness, it’s also ideal for making quick repairs or modifications on a variety of projects/materials. Wondeflex-Pro® can be heated using a steamer, heat- gun, or hot water. With a low activation temperature of 150°-170°F (70°– 80°C), Wonderflex-Pro® has a long working time but can also be re-heated as required for additional forming. It can be cut with a utility knife or scissors and bonds strongly to itself and other porous materials. 

How to use:

When heated, Wonderflex-Pro® behaves almost like bubblegum or silly putty.

It is quite sticky and we recommend keeping a bowl of cold water to dip your fingers in before and while working with Wonderflex-Pro® to prevent finger prints.

It is best used in silicone molds and its high strength and durability makes it perfect for small molded details. Wonderflex-Pro® fast cooling time makes it favorable over the long drying time of foam clay.

It has an infinite shelf life and all scraps can be stored, re-heated, and re-used.

When sculpting we recommend working on a non-stick silicone mat, and using either silicone tipped tools, or periodically dipping the heads of your tools in cold water.

When sculpting by hand the Wonderflex-Pro® may still be quite warm. Keep a bowl of cold water to dip your fingers into to prevent the Wonderflex-Pro® from becoming too warm.

Do not leave Wonderflex near heat sources or in direct sunlight during summer months or it may melt.