Wonderflex® is a well established name in cosplay and was one of the first thermoplastic materials to be made available to the community and still has unique properties that makes it useful for cosplaying and costuming. 

Wonderflex is sold in sheets but when heated using a heat gun, Wonderflex can be molded and formed. It has a lower activation temperature than other similar thermoplastics meaning it can be hand worked for longer before fully cooling. Wonderflex can be infinitely reshaped after forming with additional heating. It can be cut with a utility knife or scissors and bonds well to other Thermoplastics such as Worbla® and Thibra®.

Wonderflex has a nylon webbing on one side that prevents Wonderflex from overstretching/ tearing. Due to its relatively low cost and great strength, Wonderflex® is particularly good for reinforcing EVA foam costume parts and making basic armor structures. However, the same webbing that helps give Wonderflex® its strength can also prove a challenge for some cosplayers who want to make complex curves such as shoulder pauldrons and breastplates and can be peeled off quite easily if desired. 

Do not leave Wonderflex near heat sources or in direct sunlight during summer months or it may melt.