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Cosflex® is Coscom's own brand of strong, flexible, glue based sealant/primer. It is intended for use with EVA Foam, thermoplastics, Fosshape®, fabric, paper, and wig fibers, but has limitless other applications. After speaking with many cosplayers and industry professionals, our extensive research and experimentation has enabled us to improve upon some of the weaknesses we found with other similar products to make Cosflex® the ideal, self-leveling, smoothing primer and top coat. 

While it is most similar to Flexbond®, Cosflex® does have some important key differences to be aware of. It is much thicker allowing for faster application and requires less layers to achieve a smooth, consistent surface even on porous and irregular surfaces such as Worbla® or Poly-foam. Cosflex® also has a superior bond when being used on plastic and foam surfaces, making it less prone drips and running.

Cosflex® can be thinned with water if desired but do not add water directly to the Cosflex® bottle. Mix water and Cosflex® in a separate container. Adding water to the bottle can cause mold and make the Cosflex® unusable.

Cosflex® dries with a clear finish and remains flexible and strong with less of the "tackiness" common for other kinds of glue based primers, even as the coated materials bend, flex, and deform.

It is non-toxic, has minimal scent, and is water soluble making it easier to clean brushes and work surfaces.

Cosflex® brushes on smoothly and easily. We recommend applying 1-3 layers, allowing the Cosflex® to dry completely between applications to achieve the smoothest possible surface quality. 

If you are using Cosflex® as a top coat, we do recommend an additional clear acrylic sealant spray as a top coat to protect your project from water damage. 


For application on EVA Foam/ Thermoplastics: We recommend applying Cosflex evenly with either a bristle brush or a sponge brush to minimize brushstrokes. If the Flexbond® is too thick it can be thinned with water. Do not add water directly to the Cosflex® bottle. (See Above) We recommend 1-3 coats for maximum smoothness. Allow to fully dry between coats and watch for any drips/ runs.

Cosflex® cannot be sanded. 

Store in a climate controlled area, Cosflex® will become unusable if frozen. 


Product is available in 16 and 32oz 

Please note when shipping during the Winter. If left outside upon delivery or in shipment Cosflex® may freeze and turn solid. Once frozen Cosflex® becomes unusable. In an effort to prevent this, based on the weather in your area you may be contacted to upgrade your shipping to next day delivery.

Full MSDS available upon request


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