CosFlex - (Flexbond Alternative) Clear, Brush on Primer, Adhesive and Sealant (For Priming, Sealing and Smoothing Eva Foam, Plastazote® and thermoplastics)

Coscom Cosplay Supplies


Cosflex Prime and Seal is Coscom's own brand of strong, pliable glue, sealant and primer. Like Flexbond, its great for use with EVA foam, thermoplastics, fabric, Fosshape, paper, wig fiber and more. However, It goes on thicker then most other primers, meaning it requires less layers to achieve a smooth surface quality and has a superior bond to plastic and foam surfaces. It dries with a clear finish and remains flexible and strong with less of the "tackiness" common for this type of application, even as the coated materials bend, flex, and deform. Cosflex Prime and Seal is non-toxic, has minimal scent and is water soluble making it easier to clean up. It brushes on smoothly and makes the perfect paint primer or semi-gloss top coating. However, we do recommend an additional clear acrylic sealant spray as a top coat to protect your project when using Cosflex. Please note when shipping during the Winter. If left outside upon delivery or in shipment Cosflex may freeze and turn solid. Once frozen cosplay flex becomes unusable. In an effort to prevent this, based on the weather in your area you may be contacted to upgrade your shipping to next day delivery.