Flexi Filler® – (seam and gap filler for EVA foam, Cosplay, LARP, costumes, and props)

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Flexi Filler® is an extremely versatile rubber-like putty used to fill seams, creases, or small potholes in EVA foam for Cosplay, LARP, costumes, and props.
Flexi Filler® comes in a round 3.5oz pot and is typically applied with a finger or silicone spreader. When dry it gives a uniform appearance to the surface of EVA Foam.

If applying by finger, we recommend wetting your finger with water and smoothing out the putty into the area you want to fill.

A spreader is typically used for a larger repair. Once applied, let your Flexi Filler® fully dry and then wet sand for a smooth, flexible finish!

Flexi Filler® is nontoxic, latex free, breaking/cracking resistant, flexible, durable, bonds strongly to EVA Foam, and requires no mixing or alcohol thinners.

While Flexi Filler® is an excellent material for small, cosmetic repairs, we do not recommend its use as a  general surface/primer coat. (For that we recommend our Cosflex Prime and Seal® or Flexbond by Rosco®) It is also not recommended for areas that experience heavy strain/ wear and require high durability.

Available in Black, 3.5 oz