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Wonderflex ® is an established name in Cosplay and was one of the first thermoplastic materials to be made available for Cosplay applications. In that time, it has come a long way, from the enhancement of the original Wonderflex ® to the development of the new and exciting Wonderflex-PRO.®

The original Wonderflex ® was designed with webbing on both surfaces. This made it very strong, but it could be difficult to form some of the curves and shapes that cosplayers were demanding. This led to the introduction of the enhanced version of Wonderflex ® that has webbing on only one surface whilst the other surface is very smooth. This has made the material not only very strong but also remarkably lightweight. We’ve found that it is a great material for structural reinforcement on the inside of costumes and armor and for large, relatively flat planes such as male breastplates. We also found that we can increase its malleability further by removing the mesh, but that this does reduce its strength.

When heated in a microwave oven, using a heat gun or simply hot water, Wonderflex ® can be molded and formed and easily painted. With a lower activation temperature than other similar thermoplastics it can be hand worked for longer before starting to harden. Just reheat if additional forming is required. It cuts with a utility knife or scissors and bonds well to other thermoplastics such as Wonderflex – PRO ®, Worbla ®, Thibra TEX ® and Cosplayflex ®. It also sticks to an amazing material not well known to the Cosplay community until now; presenting the incredible Fosshape ® Click Here To View

And there is more good news!! We know that thermoplastics can be really expensive. We really wanted to put Wonderflex ® within reach of as many in the community as we could, so by working with manufacturing and manufacturing in bulk, Wonderflex ® is now way less expensive than other similar materials on the market today and we have a virtually endless supply!!  Happy Cosplaying!!!!!!

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