WonderFlex-Pro® - (Sculpt-able thermoplastic sheets)

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SKU: WFP-119

Wonderflex-Pro® is an extremely smooth, clay-like thermoplastic. It is sold in sheets that, when heated, can be shaped by hand or pressed into silicone molds for super finely detailed accents.

Wonderflex-Pro® is extremely malleable and is unlike Wonderflex® original and other similar thermoplastics, which are typically used for large, structural pieces. Wonderflex-Pro® works best for more refined, detail work as it can be easily pressed into molds or sculpted like clay. 

It comes in sheets and can be cut with scissors, craft knifes, or box cutters. It is heat activated at 150°F and has a 2-3 minute working time but can be re-heated and reshaped it as many times as you like. We recommend sculpting with a silicone tipped tools or a wetted finger. 

Available in Light Green.

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