CosFlex Prime and Seal® - (Flexbond Alternative) - (16/ 32oz) - (clear, brush on primer, adhesive, and sealant) - (for priming, sealing, and smoothing Eva Foam, Plastazote LD45®, and thermoplastics)

Coscom Cosplay Supplies


Cosflex Prime and Seal® is Coscom's own brand of strong, flexible, glue based  sealant/primer. It is intended for use with EVA Foam, thermoplastics, fabric, paper, and wig fibers, but can be used for many other applications. We have spent many long hours studying the weaknesses of other brands, talking with other cosplayers and experimenting with different glue formulas to make Cosflex® the perfect, self-leveling, smoothing primer and topcoat. 

Cosflex® dries with a clear finish and remains flexible and strong without the "tackiness" common with other products, even as the coated materials bend and deform.

Cosflex® is non-toxic, has minimal scent and is water soluble making it easier to clean up. It brushes on smoothly and makes the perfect paint primer or semi-gloss top coating.

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