Plastazote LD45® - Led Foam - Light Diffusing Sheets - for Cosplay - Costuming - Craft - Eva Foam- and Lighting Installations

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SKU: LD45420x20

Plastazote LD45 is a semi-transparent foam used to diffuse LED light. The sheets are as flexible and durable as Eva foam and can be cut, shaped with heat, and glued with contact adhesive in the same way. However Plastazote is slightly less dense than standard density EVA Foam. Sheets are sold in 3 sizes - Full (40" x 20") - Half (20" x 20") - and Quarter (20" x 10"). The thickness of the foam and the distance from the led will effect the amount of diffusion achieved. Sheets are available in 4mm 6mm and 8mm. The thicker the foam the more diffused the lights will be. (Painting instructions) Plastizote is an open cell foam, when painting plastizote we recommend first heating the surface of the foam to collapse the cells and make the surface smooth. Then prime the surface with a clear flexible primer such as Flexbond or Cosflex (also available on our store) For best results painting we recommend using a transparent paint to allow the light to pass through, or use a thinned paint lightly applied with an airbrush. (Gluing Instructions) For the longest lasting glued seams we recommend using a contact adhesive such as Barge. Spread a thin coat on both faces of the foam you with to attach. Smooth over with a piece of scrap foam and allow to fully dry. This will seal the open cells and provide a strong anchor for the second coat. Apply a second coat to both sides of the seam and smooth with scrap foam, allow the glue 30 seconds to 1 min to set and become tacky. Work from one end of the seam to the other slowly pressing the edges together until you reach the end. Please note that there is a manufacturing tolerance against each sheet so there may be small variations from the thickness's stated.

Note: If you want to purchase 40" x 80" sheets, please contact us. We do carry this in stock but it can only be purchased by special order due to the higher shipping cost.


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