Flexbond - by Rosco® (16/ 32oz bottle) - (clear, brush on primer, adhesive, and sealant) - (for priming, sealing, and smoothing Eva Foam, Plastazote LD45®, and thermoplastics)

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SKU: MO-108

Flexbond - by Rosco® is a strong, pliable glue based primer. It's perfect for use with EVA Foam, thermoplastics, fabric, paper, wig fiber and more. It dries with a clear finish and remains flexible and strong without the "tackiness" common with other products, even as the coated materials bend and deform.

Flexbond® is non-toxic, has minimal scent and is water soluble making it easier to clean up. It brushes on smoothly and makes the perfect paint primer or semi-gloss top coating.

Please note, if exposed to cold temperatures during shipping, Flexbond® can freeze and turn solid, it will then become unusable. In an effort to prevent this, if your shipping address is in a cold weather location, you may be contacted to upgrade your shipping to next day delivery.

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