Fosshape® 600 - White - (Sew-able thermoplastic felt-like interfacing)

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Fosshape® is a unique heat activated thermoplastic material. When exposed to heat via a heat gun, iron, or steamer, this soft, pliable, felt-like fabric can be formed and shaped into lightweight, gravity defying shapes that are perfect for Cosplay/ costuming applications. It is easily cut with scissors, or rotary cutter, and can be dyed with synthetic dyes. It is non-woven and will not fray when cut.

Fosshape® can be sewn to itself or to other fabrics as a stiff, supporting layer, or it can be shaped into stand-alone structures. What makes this material particularly useful in Cosplay and costuming is its incredible ability to regain its shape after being compressed. A hat or prop made of Fosshape® could be squished into a suitcase and will pop back with minimal deforming!

Fosshape® is sold in three thicknesses. Fosshape 600® is the thickest, strongest and most durable of the three. It is best suited for heavyweight and structural applications such as the dress-form sample in our photo. It is available from one to five yard length options. 

Fosshape 600® is Available in White.

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