Barge All Purpose Cement 32 oz - (contact cement adhesive for gluing thermoplastics, EVA Foam, and Plastazote® LD45)

Coscom Cosplay Supplies

SKU: MO-100

Barge Cement is the go-to glue for EVA Foam and other cosplay applications! It is a leather contact adhesive that goes on smoothly, dries quickly, and creates an ultra-strong bond while remaining flexible. Its flexibility makes it perfect for adhering EVA foam to itself and to other materials. Barge cement also comes with its own application brush built into the lid.

Barge cement will thicken as it starts to dry out but can be thinned with mineral spirits such as "Barge Thinner". Please note this product is highly flammable, so handle with care, store safely, and keep away from children.

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