WonderFlex® - (structural thermoplastic sheets)

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SKU: WF-114

Wonderflex® has a very low heat activation temperature compared to other similar thermoplastics meaning it can be hand worked for longer before starting to harden. Wonderflex® can be heated using a heat gun or hot water rendering it malleable and easy to form/shape. Like Most thermoplastics, Wonderflex® can be infinitely reheated if additional forming is required and can be cut with a utility knife or scissors.

Wonderflex® is a very strong, relatively thin, durable thermoplastic sheet that has webbing on one side with the other being very smooth. This mesh scrim has made the material not only very strong but also remarkably lightweight. It is a great material for structural reinforcement on the inside of costumes and armor. This mesh does it difficult to form around complex curves but the mesh can be removed if desired but doing so will reduce its strength, and you should be careful not to overstretch/ tear.

Available in White.

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