Interlocking Clear Acrylic Half Spheres - for EVA/ Thermoplastic forming and decoration- ( Available in 3 sizes; 2-1/4", 4" and 5-1/4")

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SKU: CO-003225

Acrylic Spheres are an incredibly versatile material with a wide variety of costuming and prop applications. It can be used as is to form domes and orbs in Cosplay and Larp costumes. Its clear surface can be sanded primed and painted or lined with led foam and lit from within to create a magical affect. It can also be used used when forming costume parts such as breastplates or pauldrons to help round out the foam. The chosen costume material is heated and formed around the sphere and the sphere is removed once the material is in place and cooled. We offer three sizes; 2-1/4", 4" and 5-1/4". Each sphere is sold as a set of 2 halves and can be joined together to form 1 full sphere.

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