Fosshape® 400 - black

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Fosshape ® is a unique heat activated material. When exposed to heat using a heat gun, iron or steamer, this soft and pliable felt like fabric can be formed and shaped into gravity defying lightweight shapes that are perfect for Cosplay. It is easily cut with scissors, is mildew resistant, paintable and will not fray like conventional fabrics. Fosshape ® can be sewn to itself or other fabrics as a hidden stiffener, or it can be shaped into stand alone structures. What makes this material particularly useful in Cosplay and costuming is its incredible ability to regain its shape after being compressed. A hoopskirt of Fosshape ®  could be squished into a suitcase and will pop back with almost no deforming!

Fosshape ® is sold in three thicknesses. Fosshape 400 ® is best suited for medium weight projects or lining. It is available from one to five yard length options. 

Available in black.

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