Grade A EVA - 60 foam - 43" wide up to 98" long

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Our EVA-60 foam sheets come in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm thickness's. We currently offer only black but plan to add white and gray soon. Our foam is 43" wide and is available in three lengths. Standard is 19" long, medium is 49" long and full length is 98" long. Choosing the right kind of EVA foam is important. It should be the right density, smooth on both sides, be tear resistant, require less priming, have a paintable surface and have reduced surface imperfections and pits. Our grade A EVA-60 foam has been carefully chosen for best results. To Read more about our EVA Foam (Click Here To View)

*EVA Foam sizes are approximate

Note: If you want to purchase a medium sheet (43" x 49") or large sheet (43"x 98"), please contact us. We do carry these in stock but they can only be purchased by special order due to the higher shipping cost. 


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