Replacement Blades for Ratcheting Utility Knife - (pack of 50)

Coscom Cosplay Supplies

SKU: TO-016

Includes 50 pre-sharpened, carbon steel blades in a convenient, safe, resealable container. These replacement blades are suitable for most 18mm box cutter retractable knives. Blades are silver and come pre-sharpened to a 60 degree angle. Each blade has 8 snap-off points allowing for a sharp brand-new blade tip when the previous one wears out. The blade edge can be sharpened using a whetstone or blade sharpener.
These carbon steel blades are the perfect choice for cutting some of the toughest materials in industrial or construction applications. Suitable for hobbies, DIY, EVA Foam, Plastazote LD45®, rubber, cardboard, cartons, leather, paper, thermoplastics, boxes, etc.